Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where have I been?

on vacation (Mt Rushmore--it's a right of passage for people who live in Colorado)...fall break. The kids are starting to wear on my last nerve and Denver just got snow. I guess it's a sled day tomorrow.

Plus, all kinds of exciting is happening in the blog world and I'm having trouble catching up.

On the upside, I'm 25 K into my first draft of my new story and I had a stroke of brilliance on a new story idea. I'm gathering my characters for that story now.

So the question is: do I write my draft that's zooming, start a new story, polish an old or just read the blogs and go to bed?

How's your week?


  1. You should write. I was off in Florida visiting my mom for a few days and am having a hard time catching up too.

  2. Definitely write the new one that you're excited about!

  3. It's your choice, Brooke, but like Sherrie I'd vote for working on whichever is calling you the loudest. Blogging distracts me sometimes, but when the story calls me I have to answer it. I save polishing the old stories for when I'm not as inspired.

  4. Definitely work on what speaks to you at the moment because writing that will inspire your other writing.

  5. WooHooo on being 25 K into your wip! Way. to.go. As for which to work on...I would say see if you can do both? Not sure if that's a possible though. Either way...good luck!