Monday, November 7, 2011

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday: Books I'm Drooling Over

Right now I'm salivating to get
my hands on a bunch of middle grade new releases. So today I thought I would do something a bit different for MMGM, instead of doing a review, I thought I would fuel the hype around the 3 books on my wish list right now:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid #6: Cabin Fever by Jeff Kinney
Why I geek out over Wimpy Kid: Voice and Humor. Kinney is one of the best examples of middle grade voice (to me). If I need help channelling my 11 yr old boy, I read Wimpy Kid. Plus the books are always hilarious and seem to capture all the magic and awkwardness of being in middle school. My husband loves them for the sibling rivalry. He was the oldest of 4 boys. He completely relates to Roderick. This series is perfect for boys and reluctant readers, but I also recommend them to parents. They crack me up and I can't get enough of them.

Heroes of Olympus #2: The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan
Why this is the best series Riordan has put out: Style and twisting what wasn't broken. Percy Jackson was a great series but the story ended. The Red Pyramid did not fill my Riordan-read-lust...while it was entertaining, I just couldn't get into the Egyptian confusion and I hated Sadie. I only read the first 80 pages of the ...second book in the series (I can't remember the name and don't care to look it up) because I have no love for it. But then he redeemed himself with the Heroes of Olympus series by merging it with the Percy Jackson cast. Love the twist, love the characters, and finally love the style. (Riordan's writing style bothered me in Percy but I forgave him because he writes tight action and plot.) Heroes has great style and action. And I love that Percy is back in the story. I need this book.

An Accidental Adventure #2: We Dine With Cannibals by C. Alexander London
Why my daughter is freaking out about this book: Adventure and age-appropriate. The Accidental Adventure has great characters and tons of non-stop action. Lauren ripped through the first book and has asked me every week since when the second would be coming out. Hurray, it is finally coming out. Now do I get it now or put it in her stocking?

Exciting times we live in. What middle grade book(s) are on your want list right now?


  1. Ooo, I like the MMGM twist. A list! And yes on the droolings, lol! Me too!

  2. I hadn't seen The Accidental Adventures series, so THANKS! I want The Flint Heart and The new Ranger's Apprentice and The Familiars and . . . :-)

  3. My son would completely agree with you on Riordan's new release and the new Wimpy Kid. As for me, I have a request for my local library to purchase PIE by Sarah Weeks and BIGGER THAN A BREADBOX by Laurel Snyder (because I can't purchase EVERY book I want, much as I'd love to).

  4. I can vouch for the awesomeness of The Son of Neptune, but I haven't read the other two. I have a couple of library books I'm excited about. Unfortunately, I'm making myself hit revision goals before I open them. *sigh*

  5. Oh, I'm definitely looking forward to CABIN FEVER. I've read all the other Wimpy Kid books and they're hilarious!

    I've heard from others that the Kane Chronicles aren't as good as Percy. I adored the entire Percy Jackson series, but haven't gotten around to reading THE LOST HERO, which I would have to read before SON OF NEPTUNE, right? It's on the list...

  6. I didn't love The Red Pyramid either. Glad I'm not alone. I'm really looking forward to Son of Neptune too.

  7. Love them all! I read The Accidental Adventure We are Not Eaten by Yaks and LOVED it!

  8. These are all on my list too, especially the Heroes of Olympus. I still haven't read the first one. Can't wait!

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  10. Hey, I'm another new MMGMer. Can you add me?

    What I'd like to know is why no one ever write just one book anymore. Myself included!