Wednesday, April 30, 2014

She's Crafty: When to Query

Querying is a necessary but, at times, excruciating part of the writing (for publication) process. Gives me hives in my mind. I want to scratch but I can't. 

For me, the fun part is getting the story out of my head. Editing can even be fun because it gives the story depth and color. But querying is the beast. It's super subjective. I respect that but it also makes me paranoid, anxious, exhilarated, and mad. Straight mad. But all the best people are, right?

I'm currently querying a MG contempory adventure. Happy dance. And I'm getting requests. More dancing. I'd post a video but it isn't pretty. I've polished until my eyes wanted to bleed and I've sent what I hope is a great book that kids would love to read. 

But after I click send, the self-doubt editor inside me wants to rip each chapter apart because I believe you don't stop editing until the cover is bound around it. Then I found this fab checklist by ABLA agent Lara Perkins:

This calmed some of my self doubt and I would have loved this checklist before I queried my first manuscript. Rookie bucks spent in large rhetorical amounts. Brutal, brutal amounts. I'm grateful though, thickened my skin.

To manage the query madness that strips away the fun of writing, I'm writing another story. Too many characters fighting to get out and it helps a ton. The story consumes my thoughts and I prefer it that way. 

How do you soothe query madness?

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