Monday, June 27, 2011


I'm ausfahrting. I won't be blogging this week or next. Instead I will climbing the hills of Austria with my husband while my fabulous mother-in-law wrangles my kids at home. I'm taking my laptop (12 hr flight) and I will be writing but I don't know our Internet situation over there, so I'm going dark.

Ja ich spreche Deutsche. But it's been awhile. Hopefully I can get us around.

I'll eat a schnitzel for you, see you in two weeks.

[yeah, I'm going there --> Hallstatt.]


  1. Ahhhh! Enjoy! Ich spreche ein bitte Deutsche, once upon a time, but I'd get everyone lost today.

  2. Looks beautiful! Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  3. Gorgeous! Sounds like a fabulous trip. Enjoy the schnitzel :)