Wednesday, February 16, 2011

She's Crafty: Dialogue

This week I'm focused on dialogue. Is it smooth or choppy? Is it believable? Watch the tags. Are there enough beats to liven the story? Does it have tension? Does it push the story forward or just fill in space? Blah, blah, blah, blah blah blah.


Top Ten Blog Posts on Dialogue:
  1. John Green and Dynamic Character Relationships @ Nathan Bransford. (While this isn't specific to dialogue, I apply the theory every time my characters speak to each other.)
  2. Dialogue Masterclass @ Kidlit.
  3. Dialogue that Matters @ TalkToYoUniverse.
  4. Free FtQ chapter: Dialogue Beats @ Flogging the Quill.
  5. How Dialog Can Help Re-structure a "Needs Some Work" Draft @ The Other Side of the Story.
  6. Seven Keys to Writing Good Dialogue @ Nathan Bransford.
  7. Technical Tips for Writing Dialogue @ Iggi & Gabi.
  8. Tag, You're It! How to Write Excellent Dialogue Tags @ Kidlit.
  9. Speaking of Dialogue @ STET!
  10. Don't Overuse Names in Dialogue @ Wordplay.
  11. Bonus: Is Your Character Walking & Talking? @ Adventures in Children's Publishing.
I have to watch my tags and make sure I've added enough action and detail. What's the easiest or hardest part of writing dialogue for you?

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