Thursday, February 24, 2011

She's Crafty: Pesky Words & Overwriting

As I finish up revision, I am hunting through my manuscript looking for pesky words that weaken it or flowery globbly guck called overwriting. How do I know what to look for? A little help from the blogosphere. So here's my list of links highlighting the worst of the worst offenders in writing.

Top Ten Blog Posts on Pesky Words and Overwriting
  1. Breaking the Rules of Writing @ The Other Side of the Story.
  2. Free FtQ Chapter: The Trouble with With @ Flogging the Quill.
  3. Top 10 Easily Misused Word Cousins @ Grammar Divas.
  4. Extraneous Words @ The Blood Red Pencil.
  5. Shooting Glances @ Kidlit.
  6. Are you Overusing Passive Verbs @ Wordplay.
  7. Style Blunders in Fiction @ The Blood Red Pencil.
  8. Subjective Point of View: Expressing Judgment with Adverbs and Verbs @ TalkToYoUniverse.
  9. Words that Often Spell Trouble @ Janice Hardy
  10. A Rose By Any Other Name is Still Too Flowery. And Purple. @ The Other Side of the Story.
  11. Bonus: Free FtQ Chapter: Dealing with Overwriting @ Flogging the Quill.
  12. Bonus: Phrase Frequency Counter for Writers @ GalleyCat.
What do you do to avoid overwriting and pesky words?

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