Wednesday, February 9, 2011

She's Crafty: Point of View (POV)

Arrrgh. I'm pitching my MG adventure to an agent at the Northern Colorado Writer's Conference next month. So I'm raising my revision alert level from Gotta-Get-It-Done to Do-It-Now. What am I working on tonight? Point of View (POV). I'm searching for any inconsistency. Now, I do not profess to be an expert on POV, but I read a ton of writing blogs. Light bulb, that's something I can blog about. So look for it, every Wednesday I plan on listing a top ten of great links on different writing topics.

Top Ten Blog Links on Point-Of-View (POV)
  1. A View to a Skill: Understanding Point of View @ The Other Side of the Story.
  2. Subjective Point of View: Expressing Judgment with Adverbs and Verbs @ TalkToYoUniverse.
  3. POV: The Cure for the Common Problem by Janice Hardy @ Mystery Writing is Murder.
  4. Point of View from My Point of View @ The Blood-Red Pencil.
  5. POV = Viewpoint @ Edittorrent.
  6. Training Our Inner Editor, Part 3a: Point of View @ The Blood-Red Pencil.
  7. How to Layer Points of View @
  8. Using the Bystander Effect in Your Novels @ Plot to Punctuation.
  9. FtQ Chapter: Describing a POV Character @ Flogging the Quill.
  10. Which is Best: First or Third Person Point of View? @ Write it Sideways.
I love to write Third Person Limited. What POV do you write in?

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