Wednesday, May 4, 2011

She's Crafty: Querying

That's right, I'm finally ready with my manuscript. Cheers to heaven. I have a few beta readers ripping my partials one last time, but it is time. So this week I'm revamping my query.

Thankfully the blogosphere is there for me. There is a ton of info out there on querying, and Nathan Bransford helps you sift through contradictory advice. So keep in mind this is not gospel, just guidelines.

My Top 10 Fave Blog Posts on Querying
  1. Avoid the Obvious in a Query @ Kidlit.
  2. The Submission Process @ The Other Side of the Story.
  3. Query Don'ts @ BookEnds.
  4. Two Quick Tips on Writing a Query @ Pub Rants.
  5. The Difference Between Pitch and Query @ Janet Reid.
  6. Hints for a Great Cover Letter @ The Steve Laube Agency.
  7. Ultimate Blog Series on Novel Queries @ There Are No Rules.
  8. 7 Things Agents Want to See in a Query, & 9 Things They Don't @ Guide to Literary Agents.
  9. Loglines @ Random Notes from Holly Bodger.
  10. How to Write a Query Letter in Five Easy Steps @ Writer Unboxed.
  11. Plus: BookEnds does a Query Workshop every Wednesday.
  12. Plus: Query Shark...must follow.
  13. Plus: SlushPile Hell is a great resource for a laugh and what not to do.

When I finished my first draft of my first MG novel, I queried it to about 25 agents. Burned loads of rookie bucks. Hey, I thought I knew. I had read a few blogs, researched queries, found my agents on querytracker. So innocent then, so naive. I actually started my query with a rhetorical question. Oh yeah, I read on some blog it was a great thing to do. Suckers.

Have you committed a query crime? Don't know them? See Tahereh's fab list of 50 query tricks. [wink. don't do them.]

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  1. Congrats on getting to this phase. And good luck with the query. I so struggled with mine. Finally think I got it right. Keep us posted.