Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I binged on middle grade

And I just realized I forgot to do MMGM yesterday. These weeks are flying. Anyway, I had to go to the bookstore for something small and came home with a stack.

What I bought:
  • The Swiss Family Robinson by Wyss (Classic)
  • My Weirder School #1: Miss Child Has Gone Wild! by Gutman (the destination book)
  • The Invisible Tower by Johnson-Shelton
  • The Cabinet of Earths by Nesbet
  • The Genius Files: Mission Unstoppable by Gutman
  • Snow in Summer by Yolen
  • Tuesdays at the Castle by George
  • Winterling by Prineas (I heart the cover)
  • The Last Musketeer by Gibbs
  • Hallowed by Hand (my YA splurge)
Ten books: that's not too bad, right?

Which would you want to read first?

I'm kinda leaning toward The Last Musketeer. I'm a sucker for Dumas-inspired stories.


  1. Wow! You got a haul. I can't wit to read Winterling & The Cabinet of Earths.

  2. Oh, Brooke! I love you! You had to go for something small and came back with all of those books. You're wonderful. It's people like you who keep bookstores in business and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    I'm reviewing Cabinet of Earths next Monday. And reviewed Winterling a few weeks back (yes! it's a great cover). But otherwise, I would definitely read Hallowed, since I loved Unearthly. Tuesdays at the Castle looks intriguing too.

  3. You know...I think I'd go with Swiss Family Robison! It was a fave read of mine when I was a kid. Happy Reading! And I'd love to go book shopping with you one day, lol...or-we might be a danger to each other and double spending!

  4. So I just finished Hallowed. And now I'm going to read The Genius Files (love the characters from the first page).

    Lore grabbed The Invisible Tower.

    Bryn is loving The Weirder School, great chapter books for reluctant readers and boys.

  5. LOVE it!!!!! Sounds just like something I'd do :) And you got some great looking books.