Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Fluffy Book Club Needs Your Help

So besides reading middle grade, I'm in two book clubs (a regular read-it-all and a fluffy). My Fluffy book club reads books that fit in the thriller/YA/Mystery/ChickLit categories. You know, the books you read and love but there's no discussion except: Did you read? Can you believe? That was awesome.

So we're putting together a list of books to vote which ones to read. This is where I need your help, I need to know what fluffy books you are drooling over. I've been out of it and offline. I'm trying to unplug from the Internet more this year and complete the stories that tug at me each night. HELP ME PLEEEEAAASSE. please.

What YA/Thriller/Mystery/ChickLit books would you want on the fluffy book list?


  1. I loved Shannon Hale's "Midnight in Austenland." It could be considered fluffy mystery/chicklit, and it released today. :o)

  2. I recently read Jane by April Lindner -- a YA, sort of rockstar take on Jane Eyre, and I really enjoyed it. I suppose I wouldn't think of it as "fluffy" though.