Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year and the Ebook Surprise

Yes, I took an extended blog vacation from Thanksgiving till now. What can I say? I love to party...and write. I wrote a ton over the break. I read a ton over the break too.

But now I'm back and full of thoughts and book recommendations. Plus I'm a goals girl, so I have a new idea for the new year.

A Monthly Middle Grade Mash Up
I will pick two new release MG books at the beginning of each month. Then I will read said books during the month and determine a winner. Then if you choose to read along with me, you can comment on my judging skills. (So now I've said it out loud, I've got to do it.)

Now for the Ebook surprise...

This Christmas, most of my (9 yr old) daughter's friends got Ereaders for Christmas. What, What?!?! 9 year olds. So I take back what I asked a few months ago about whether middle graders had e-readers, because now my daughter is one of the few without. From a marketing perspective (yes, I was a marketer before a stay-at-home mom), that means e-readers are no longer in early adoption but early majority.

And with Kindle's library enabled readers and possible rent-a-book system that works like Netflix, what does that mean for middle grade authors?

Should we continue to seek traditional publishing? I still think yes to this because it comes with a marketing team but only from the big houses.

What does this mean for small publishers? I know a girl that just got dropped from her small press and is now shopping her polished manuscript to other publishers.

As a hopeful debut author, the temptation to self publish is growing. I still want to get an agent and a house just to say I did it the hard way.

I don't know, what do you think?


  1. I want an agent and and editor, but that's just me. Your middle grade mash-up sounds like fun. :o)

  2. That's good news for a friend of mine who's about to publish his MG fantasy novel as an e-book! I was wondering about whether or not there would be a market for MG novels as e-books. You just answered my question. Thank you!

  3. Welcome back, Brooke! As a bookseller, I'm hearing this is the first holiday season that sales of e-books surpassed regular books. So the future I thought was years away is here NOW! I will probably be the last person in America (well, besides the Amish) to own an e-reader.

    Self-publishing? Still squeamish about that. And those big New York houses won't go down without a fight. I agree with Myrna. I still want (need?) an agent and an editor.

    But watch for more changes in the publishing world. Amazon just bought out Marshall Cavendish at the end of 2011. I'm sure more pins will fall this year.

  4. I don't own an e-reader though it's awesome more middle graders may. I'm still wanting to go the agent publisher route. I don't have the time to do all the marketing, etc. independent publishing requires.

    Looking forward to your middle grade suggestions.

  5. What a great idea! I would love to get my new release MG book on your list of possible titles :)

    I never wanted to go indie with my MG novel, but this year I completely changed my tune. I have detailed reasons on a post in my blog. It's great to hear my target audience got Kindles from Santa this year :)

  6. Don't have any real comment, besides: Welcome back.

  7. I still want to go the traditional route too. Even with e-readers, I still think (and hope) that books going the traditional route will be available for e-readers.

    What an interesting way to review books have the judging between them.

  8. Neither of my kids likes reading electronically. They like holding books in their hands. I like reading on the iPad because I can read multiple formats and it's backlit so I can read at night without the light on.

    As for traditional publishing vs. self publishing? That's a tougher call. I have a lot of friends who are going the self publishing route with varying levels of success. If I wrote YA I'd be a lot more tempted to go it on my own, but I haven't seen any break out successes in the middle grade realm. Maybe once more kids are actually using their e-readers that might change.