Friday, April 15, 2011

Best of the Middle Grade Blogs: April 15

As I convert my story from 3rd to 1st, it's predominately in a boy perspective but about 4 chapters swap to his younger sister. I didn't want to swap but it has to be done. An unfortunate part of switching to 1st. When I get to the sister chapters, I skip over them because I haven't quite found her voice. I understand her character but I'm not entirely there yet. Her voice has to be undeniably her when you read the first sentence and that's a challenge. I'm saving her for the end.

Any tips for creating distinction between two POVs?



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Did I miss anyone? Who inspired you this week?


  1. Great roundup, as usual!

    This week I discovered with some different author's perspectives on the question "why write middle grade".

  2. Thanks for another great round-up (and for including me!)