Friday, April 29, 2011

Best of the Middle Grade Blogs: April 29

Sherrie's post on how babies are made according to an 8 yr old has been cracking me up all week. (Yes I stole her pix. Way funny.) When my kids unroll toilet paper like crazed kittens, I think of this story. When my throat tickles in a definitely-catching-a-cold-two-days-before-my-half-marathon, I think of this story. As I help kids with fractions, book reviews, spelling tests, phonics, and other school ridiculousness, I think of this story. Go. Read. Enjoy the weekend.

My Fave Middle Grade Blog Posts This Week:





Other Round Ups
Still want more writing blog links? Okay, I'll give them to you. My writing world round up at The Writing Bug.

The A to Z challenge is almost over. What do you think? Take it or leave it?

I only had to write 4 letters and for some reason it was a killer. Not that I did that much. Points for the bloggers that went A to Z on their own.


  1. Thanks so much for including my post at The O.W.L.! It was fun to write directly to middle graders!

  2. Thanks for the mention. Now I'm off to check out some of these other great links!

  3. Oh hey, thanks for the mention! Such a nice assortment of links here. I'm off to peruse them.... :)

  4. I didn't do A-Z, but I enjoyed reading the posts. :)

  5. Great list of links. Thanks. I'm doing a middle grade interview of Janice Hardy tomorrow and am linking up to the Marvelous Monday series.

  6. I hope your half-marathon goes/went well! And I agree that the spitting story was hilarious.