Wednesday, April 13, 2011

She's Crafty: Show, Don't Tell.

Must write. Eyes burning, must blink. Getting closer, feel'n it. feel'n it. All good things.

My Top 10 Fave "Show, Don't Tell" Blog Posts
  1. Seven "Show Don't Tell" Tips @ Kathy Temean.
  2. What "Show, Don't Tell" Really Means @ Kidlit.
  3. Did You Hear That? Showing Sound @ The Other Side of the Story.
  4. Showing vs. Telling @ Nathan Bransford.
  5. Don't Tell Me -- Show Me @ The Blood Red Pencil.
  6. Tell, Don't Show @ Incidents and Accidents.
  7. Free FtQ Chapter: Showing and Telling @ Flogging the Quill.
  8. Telegraphing (and other pace killers) @ Writer Unboxed.
  9. The Ten Mistakes (Show Don't Tell is #8) @ Holt Uncensored.
  10. Show Don't Tell (in a query letter) @ Miss Snark.
What are your best tips for avoiding the tell OR recognizing it in your writing?

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